In August 2011, Kneading Hands expanded. In addition to offering high quality, heart centered body work, Kneading Hands now offers retail. Kneading Hands is excited to present a shop with herbal and creative inspired gifts and goodies for the creative minded individual in your life.

Crafted by local artisans the jewelery carried at Kneading Hands is lovingly constructed to help your outer appearance match your inner beauty.

Herbal Medicine is an ancient practice that is in a state of revival. Owner, Ali M. Boehm, having completed an herbal certification program is committed to bringing you the freshest most potent herbs for your various needs. Whether that be a common cold, arthritis, or simple nutrition. In addition to carrying herbs, Kneading Hands offers supplies for the aspiring herbal medicine maker.

Kneading Hands offers a few of the great Tea Forté products.Tea Forté strives to offer great products and to render goodwill, delivering an experience that makes life better for people and planet. With the belief that a small cup of tea can make a big difference, Tea Forté is committed to social responsibility, sustainability and the well-being of others.

Kneading Hands carried Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Young Living guarantees their oils “from seed to seal”. This guarantee means you are getting the purest most potent oils in the industry when you browse through the 100+ oils carried at Kneading Hands. Here you can purchase oils by the bottle, or by the drop to make your own essential oil creation.

The word Milagro means “Miracle” in Spanish.  Milagros Soap Company, proudly carried at Kneading Hands, has worked hard to perfect their miraculous hand made creations.  Even Sister Agnes, Patron Saint of Cleanliness, would be proud.  After all, she believed that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.


Come have a look for yourself during our shop hours,Monday – Friday 10:00-6:00.

Kneading Hands Massage
306 Oak Street
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