Watch Your Back While You Shovel!!!

Finally, here in Steamboat Springs, CO we are getting some much needed snow! Just check out this news link for more info.

This is all great news for our ski mountain, local economy, and our local flora! Yet, I can’t help but worry about the backs in our community. It is 2:15 right now, and I have already shoveled the path to the Kneading Hands Shop three times. So, I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about proper shoveling techniques.

1) Make sure to pick the proper shovel for snow removal. Choose one that has a curved handle as well as an adjustable handle to minimize painful bending.

2) Warm up. It sounds simple, we warm up before we go skiing, lift weights, or go running, right?…. Why wouldn’t we apply the same theory to the physical activity of snow removal? Before you pick up that shovel, do a little stretching, march in place, and get those muscles loose.

3) Pace yourself. Shovel small amounts frequently as opposed to large amounts all at once. Make sure to take breaks every 10-15 minutes. Use these breaks as opportunities to do a bit more stretching.

4) Watch your lifting techniques. When at all possible, push the snow to the side as opposed to lifting it. When you must lift, make sure to face the shovel as you lift it. Grip the shovel as close to the blade as possible when lifting, and bend at your hips, not at your back.

5) Keep your feet on the ground. While shoveling make sure to wear shoes or boots that grip easily, the last thing you need is to fall!

6) And lastly, when possible, use a snow blower instead of a shovel.

I hope these tips help, and happy snowing!

Ahh! My Aching Neck

Being a massage therapist in “Ski Town USA”, Steamboat Springs, I see a lot of folks in the winter months with sore quads, calves, and hamstrings from their long days of skiing on our champagne powder. Almost as often as sore leg muscles are complaint’s about neck pain, and often I believe this has nothing to do with the increased physical activity most experience when visiting Steamboat. Instead I believe this has to do with hotel pillows. Often hotel pillows are oversized, this leaves your neck crooked at an improper level for 8 or so hours. You wake up feeling fatigued, ladened with knots, and unhappy, and so you book a massage. While I am happy to give you a massage and work out these adhesion’s that have been forming at night, I would rather see you waking up feeling revived. My solution, if at all possible, travel with your own pillow from home. If you are driving this shouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes limited space while flying might make it a bit more of a hassle. I use a feather pillow, so am often able to bring it aboard flights as a carry on. Regardless of whether or not you are able to bring your pillow as a carry on, I would strongly urge you to make traveling with your own pillow a priority. Give your neck a break, and enjoy your next ski vacation!

Valentine’s a Time for Showing Your Love

Valentine’s is a time of showing our love. Whether that love be for ourselves, our special honey’s, our a dear family member, this time of appreciation can be fun and playful as well as nourishing on a broader scale. One way that we can nourish our hearts is through the use of our herbal alley Hawthorn. Hawthorn is a wonderful plant for increasing delight, restoring joy, happiness, and healthy boundaries. It’s leaves, flowers, and berries can all be utilized to increase the oxygen utilized by our heart, lower blood pressure, dissolve cholesterol deposits, and provide antioxidants. Why not show your loved one how much you care this Valentine’s by creating an herbal product with Hawthorn to protect their heart in a much more profound way. This Saturday all retail items will be 10% off.

Check Out Downtown Steamboat Springs

Being located in the downtown “heart” of Steamboat Springs creates a wonderful sense of community. Our Kneading Hands location, one block off the main street, is located in a 100 year old building. Being in a building with such history has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages far out way the disadvantages! Here is a wonderful link to a video about downtown Steamboat Springs. Check out what our town has to offer, or come schedule a massage, and be a part of our history!

January is Thyroid Awareness Month

Located at the base of our necks, the thyroid could be thought of as our engine. It influences every cell, tissue, and organ in our body. 6 in 10 people are unaware they have a thyroid issue.

Signs of hyperthyroidism:
– You feel jittery and anxious.
– You can’t sleep.
– Your heart races and skips.
– You get headaches.
– You lose weight without trying.

Signs of hypothyroidism:
– Your skin and hair feel coarse and dry.
– You are tired and sluggish.
– You might feel depressed.
– You want to sleep all the time.
– You gain weight without trying.
– You get constipated.

To learn more go to